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Version date: 23 May 2014 - onwards
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Article 211 Special purpose vehicles

1. Member States shall allow the establishment within their territory of special purpose vehicles, subject to prior supervisory approval.

2. The Commission shall adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 301a specifying the following criteria for supervisory approval:

(a) the scope of authorisation;

(b) mandatory conditions to be included in all contracts issued;

(c) fit and proper requirements as referred to in Article 42, of the persons running the special purpose vehicle;

(d) fit and proper requirements for shareholders or members having a qualifying holding in the special purpose vehicle;

(e) sound administrative and accounting procedures, adequate internal control mechanisms and risk-management requirements;

(f) accounting, prudential and statistical information requirements;

(g) solvency requirements.

2a. In order to ensure uniform conditions of application of Article 211(1) and (2), EIOPA shall develop draft implementing technical standards on the procedures for granting s

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