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Article 35 Information to be provided for supervisory purposes

1. Member States shall require insurance and reinsurance undertakings to submit to the supervisory authorities the information which is necessary for the purposes of supervision, taking into account the objectives of supervision laid down in Articles 27 and 28. Such information shall include at least the information necessary for the following when performing the process referred to in Article 36:

(a) to assess the system of governance applied by the undertakings, the business they are pursuing, the valuation principles applied for solvency purposes, the risks faced and the risk-management systems, and their capital structure, needs and management;

(b) to make any appropriate decisions resulting from the exercise of their supervisory rights and duties.

2. Member States shall ensure that the supervisory authorities have the following powers:

(a) to determine the nature, the scope and the format of the information referred to in paragraph 1 which they require insurance and reinsurance un

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