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Article 16 Ancillary risks

1. An insurance undertaking which has obtained an authorisation for a principal risk belonging to one class or a group of classes as set out in Annex I may also insure risks included in another class without the need to obtain authorisation in respect of such risks provided that the risks fulfil all the following conditions:

(a) they are connected with the principal risk;

(b) they concern the object which is covered against the principal risk; and

(c) they are covered by the contract insuring the principal risk.

2. By way of derogation from paragraph 1, the risks included in classes 14, 15 and 17 in Part A of Annex I shall not be regarded as risks ancillary to other classes.

However, legal expenses insurance as set out in class 17 may be regarded as a risk ancillary to class 18, where the conditions laid down in paragraph 1 and either of the following conditions are fulfilled:

(a) the main risk relates solely to the assistance provided for persons who fall into difficulties while trave

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