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Article 213 Cases of application of group supervision

1. Member States shall provide for supervision, at the level of the group, of insurance and reinsurance undertakings which are part of a group, in accordance with this Title.

The provisions of this Directive which lay down the rules for the supervision of insurance and reinsurance undertakings taken individually shall continue to apply to such undertakings, except where otherwise provided under this Title.

2. Member States shall ensure that supervision at the level of the group applies to the following:

(a) insurance or reinsurance undertakings, which are a participating undertaking in at least one insurance undertaking, reinsurance undertaking, third-country insurance undertaking or third-country reinsurance undertaking, in accordance with Articles 218 to 258;

(b) insurance or reinsurance undertakings, the parent undertaking of which is an insurance holding company or a mix