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Article 245 Supervision of intra-group transactions

1. Supervision of intra-group transactions shall be exercised in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article, Article 246 and Chapter III.

2. Member States shall require insurance and reinsurance undertakings, insurance holding companies and mixed financial holding companies to report on a regular basis and at least annually to the group supervisor all significant intra-group transactions by insurance and reinsurance undertakings within a group, including those performed with a natural person with close links to an undertaking in the group, unless Article 215(2) applies.

In addition, Member States shall require reporting of very significant intra-group transactions as soon as practicable.

The necessary information shall be submitted to the group supervisor by the insurance or reinsurance undertaking which is at the head of the group or, where the group is not headed by an insurance or reinsurance undertaking, by the insurance holding company, the mixed financial holding company

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