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Article 77f Review of long-term guarantees measures and measures on equity risk

1. EIOPA shall, on an annual basis and until 1 January 2021, report to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission about the impact of the application of Articles 77a to 77e and 106, Article 138(4) and Articles 304, 308c and 308d, including the delegated or implementing acts adopted pursuant thereto.

Supervisory authorities shall, on an annual basis during that period, provide EIOPA with the following information:

(a) the availability of long-term guarantees in insurance products in their national markets and the behaviour of insurance and reinsurance undertakings as long-term investors;

(b) the number of insurance and reinsurance undertakings applying the matching adjustment, the volatility adjustment, the extension of the recovery period in accordance with Article 138(4), the duration-based equity risk sub-module and the transitional measures set out in Articles 308c and 308d;

(c) the impact on the insurance and reinsurance undertakings' financial position of the matching

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