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Article 62 Qualifying holdings, powers of the supervisory authority

Member States shall require that, where the influence exercised by the persons referred to in Article 57 is likely to operate against the sound and prudent management of an insurance or reinsurance undertaking, the supervisory authority of the home Member State of that undertaking in which a qualifying holding is sought or increased take appropriate measures to put an end to that situation. Such measures may consist, for example, of injunctions, penalties against directors and managers, or suspension of the exercise of the voting rights attaching to the shares held by the shareholders or members in question.

Similar measures shall apply to natural or legal persons failing to comply with the notification obligation established in Article 57.

Where a holding is acquired despite the opposition of the supervisory authorities, the Member States shall, regardless of any other sanctions to be adopted, provide for:

(1) the suspension of the exercise of the corresponding voting rights; or

(2) t

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