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Article 152b Collaboration platforms

1. EIOPA may, in the case of justified concerns about negative effects on policy holders, on its own initiative or at the request of one or more of the relevant supervisory authorities, set up and coordinate a collaboration platform to strengthen the exchange of information and to enhance collaboration between the relevant supervisory authorities where an insurance or reinsurance undertaking carries out, or intends to carry out, activities which are based on the freedom to provide services or the freedom of establishment and where:

(a) such activities are of relevance with respect to the host Member State's market;

(b) a notification by the supervisory authority of the home Member State has been made under Article 152a(2) of deteriorating financial conditions or other emerging risks; or

(c) the matter has been referred to EIOPA under Article 152a(2).

2. Paragraph 1 is without prejudice to the right of the relevant supervisory authorities to set up a collaboration platform where they al

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