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Article 254 Access to information

1. Member States shall ensure that the natural and legal persons included within the scope of group supervision, and their related undertakings and participating undertakings, are able to exchange any information which could be relevant for the purposes of group supervision.

2. Member States shall provide that their authorities responsible for exercising group supervision have access to any information relevant for the purpose of that supervision regardless of the nature of the undertaking concerned. Article 35(1) to (5) shall apply mutatis mutandis.

The group supervisor may limit regular supervisory reporting with a frequency shorter than one year at the level of the group where all insurance or reinsurance undertakings within the group benefit from the limitation in accordance with Article 35(6) taking into account the nature, scale and complexity of the risks inherent in the business of the group.

The group supervisor may exempt from reporting on an item-by-item basis at the level o

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