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Version date: 1 January 2019 - onwards
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Article 308b Transitional measures

1. Without prejudice to Article 12, insurance or reinsurance undertakings which, by 1 January 2016, cease to conduct new insurance or reinsurance contracts and exclusively administer their existing portfolio in order to terminate their activity shall not be subject to Titles I, II and III of this Directive until the dates set out in paragraph 2 where either:

(a) the undertaking has satisfied the supervisory authority that it will terminate its activity before 1 January 2019; or

(b) the undertaking is subject to reorganisation measures set out in Title IV, Chapter II and an administrator has been appointed.

2. Insurance or reinsurance undertakings falling under:

(a) paragraph 1(a) shall be subject to Titles I, II and III of this Directive from 1 January 2019 or from an earlier date where the supervisory authority is not satisfied with the progress that has been made towards t