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Article 157 Taxes on premiums

1. Without prejudice to any subsequent harmonisation, every insurance contract shall be subject exclusively to the indirect taxes and parafiscal charges on insurance premiums in the Member State in which the risk is situated or the Member State of the commitment

For the purposes of the first subparagraph, movable property contained in a building situated within the territory of a Member State, except for goods in commercial transit, shall be considered as a risk situated in that Member State, even where the building and its contents are not covered by the same insurance policy.

In the case of Spain, an insurance contract shall also be subject to the surcharges legally established in favour of the Spanish "Consorcio de CompensaciĆ³n de Seguros" for the performance of its functions relating to the compensation of losses arising from extraordinary events occurring in that Member State.

2. The law applicable to the contract under Article 178 of this Directive and under Regulation (EC) No 5

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