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Article 179 Related obligations

1. Non-life insurance undertakings may offer and conclude compulsory insurance contracts under the conditions set out in this Article.

2. Where a Member State imposes an obligation to take out insurance, an insurance contract shall not satisfy that obligation unless it complies with the specific provisions relating to that insurance laid down by that Member State.

3. Where a Member State imposes compulsory insurance and the insurance undertaking is required to notify the supervisory authorities of any cessation of cover, such cessation may be invoked against injured third parties only in the circumstances laid down by that Member State.

4. Each Member State shall communicate to the Commission the risks against which insurance is compulsory under its legislation, stating the following:

(a) the specific legal provisions relating to that insurance;

(b) the particulars which must be given in the certificate which a non-life insurance undertaking must issue to an insured person where that M

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