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Version date: 6 January 2010 - onwards
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Article 167 Advantages to undertakings authorised in more than one Member State

1. Any undertaking which has requested or obtained authorisation from more than one Member State may apply for the following advantages which may be granted only jointly:

(a) the Solvency Capital Requirement referred to in Article 166 shall be calculated in relation to the entire business which it pursues within the Community;

(b) the deposit required under Article 162(2)(e) shall be lodged in only one of those Member States;

(c) the assets representing the Minimum Capital Requirement shall be localised, in accordance with Article 134, in any one of the Member States in which it pursues its activities.

In the cases referred to in point (a) of the first subparagraph, account shall be taken only of the operations effected by all the branches established within the Community for the purposes of this calculation.

2. Application to benefit from the advantages provided for in paragraph 1 shall be made to the supervisory authorities of the Member States concerned. The application shall state

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