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Article 238 Subsidiaries of an insurance or reinsurance undertaking: determination of the Solvency Capital Requirement

1. Without prejudice to Article 231, the Solvency Capital Requirement of the subsidiary shall be calculated as set out in paragraphs 2, 4, and 5 of this Article.

2. Where the Solvency Capital Requirement of the subsidiary is calculated on the basis of an internal model approved at group level in accordance with Article 231 and the supervisory authority having authorised the subsidiary considers that its risk profile deviates significantly from this internal model, and as long as that undertaking does not properly address the concerns of the supervisory authority, that authority may, in the cases referred to in Article 37, propose to set a capital add-on to the Solvency Capital Requirement of that subsidiary resulting from the application of such model or, in exceptional circumstances where such capital add-on would not be appropriate, to require that undertaking to calculate its Solvency Capital Requirement on the basis of the standard formula. The supervisory authority shall discuss i

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