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Article 216 Ultimate parent undertaking at national level

1. Where the participating insurance or reinsurance undertaking or the insurance holding company or the mixed financial holding company which has its head office in the Union, as referred to in Article 213(2)(a) and (b), does not have its head office in the same Member State as the ultimate parent undertaking at Union level referred to in Article 215, Member States may allow their supervisory authorities to decide, after consulting the group supervisor and that ultimate parent undertaking at Union level, to subject the ultimate parent insurance or reinsurance undertaking, insurance holding company or mixed financial holding company at national level to group supervision.

In such a case, the supervisory authority shall explain its decision to both the group supervisor and the ultimate parent undertaking at Union level. The group supervisor shall inform the college of supervisors in accordance with Article 248(1)(a).

Articles 218 to 258 shall apply mutatis mutandis, subject to paragraphs

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