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Article 210 Finite reinsurance

1. Member States shall ensure that insurance and reinsurance undertakings which conclude finite reinsurance contracts or pursue finite reinsurance activities are able to properly identify, measure, monitor, manage, control and report the risks arising from those contracts or activities.

2. The Commission may adopt delegated acts in accordance with Article 301a specifying the provisions referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article with respect to the monitoring, management and control of risks arising from finite reinsurance activities.

3. For the purposes of paragraphs 1 and 2 finite reinsurance means reinsurance under which the explicit maximum loss potential, expressed as the maximum economic risk transferred, arising both from a significant underwriting risk and timing risk transfer, exceeds the premium over the lifetime of the contract by a limited but significant amount, together with at least one of the following features:

(a) explicit and material consideration of the time value o

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