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Article 305 Derogations and abolition of restrictive measures

1. Member States may exempt non-life insurance undertakings which on 31 January 1975 did not comply with the requirements of Articles 16 and 17 of Directive 73/239/EEC whose annual premium or contribution income on 31 July 1978 fell short of six times the amount of the minimum guarantee fund required under Article 17(2) of Directive 73/239/EEC from the requirement to establish such minimum guarantee fund before the end of the financial year in respect of which the premium or contribution income is as much as six times such minimum guarantee fund. After considering the results of the examination provided for under Article 298(2), the Council shall unanimously decide, on a proposal from the Commission, when that exemption is to be abolished by Member States.

2. Non-life insurance undertakings set up in the United Kingdom by Royal Charter or by private Act or by special public Act may continue to pursue their business in the legal form in which they were constituted on 31 July 1973 for an

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