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Version date: 1 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 69 Disclosure of information to government administrations responsible for financial legislation

Articles 64 and 67 shall not preclude Member States from authorising, under provisions laid down by law, the disclosure of certain information to other departments of their central government administrations responsible for legislation on the supervision of credit institutions, financial institutions, investment services and insurance or reinsurance undertakings and to inspectors acting on behalf of those departments.

Such disclosure shall be made only where necessary for reasons of prudential control. Member States shall, however, provide that information received under Article 65 and Article 68(1), and information obtained by means of on-site verification referred to in Article 33, may be disclosed only with the express consent of the supervisory authority from which the information originated or the supervisory authority of the Member State in which the on-site verification was carried out.

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