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Article 30 Supervisory authorities and scope of supervision

1. The financial supervision of insurance and reinsurance undertakings, including that of the business they pursue either through branches or under the freedom to provide services, shall be the sole responsibility of the home Member State.

2. Financial supervision pursuant to paragraph 1 shall include verification, with respect to the entire business of the insurance and reinsurance undertaking, of its state of solvency, of the establishment of technical provisions, of its assets and of the eligible own funds, in accordance with the rules laid down or practices followed in the home Member State under provisions adopted at Community level.

Where the insurance undertaking concerned is authorised to cover the risks classified in class 18 in Part A of Annex I, supervision shall extend to monitoring of the technical resources which the insurance undertaking has at its disposal for the purpose of carrying out the assistance operations it has undertaken to perform, where the law of the home M

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