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Article 214 Scope of group supervision

1. The exercise of group supervision in accordance with Article 213 shall not imply that the supervisory authorities are required to play a supervisory role in relation to the third-country insurance undertaking, the third-country reinsurance undertaking, the insurance holding company, the mixed financial holding company or the mixed-activity insurance holding company taken individually, without prejudice to Article 257 as far as insurance holding companies or mixed financial holding companies are concerned.

2. The group supervisor may decide on a case-by-case basis not to include an undertaking in the group supervision referred to in Article 213 where:

(a) the undertaking is situated in a third country where there are legal impediments to the transfer of the necessary information, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 229;

(b) the undertaking which should be included is of negligible interest with respect to the objectives of group supervision; or

(c) the inclusion of the und

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